About us

Piotr Powazka

Who created ERATRUST?

Piotr has almost 16 years of experience in the financial and technology sector with success in project management in the commercial and government contracting and data protection environments. He has M.A. from Wroclaw University of Economics. He worked for Xerox, where he was accountable for optimizing contract management processes at local and global level, including commercial and financial risk analysis. He managed the internal control and compliance function, addressing deficiencies, including risk analysis, process testing and modelling. Organizer and member of the Xerox Ethics Committee.

Previously, he was responsible for contract and process management and business analysis at the Royal Bank of Scotland (formerly ABN Amro). He managed all aspects of the KPI service functions and catalogues, preparation of intra-group agreements and approaches to legal and tax issues (transfer pricing) for a developing global competence centre for the RBS group. Piotr is also the IACCM Council Member for the Central and Eastern Europe (pro-bono) promoting international standards and best practices for defining and managing contractual and commercial solutions. Member of International Association for Privacy Professionals.

Expertise: contract management, business process modelling and mapping, internal control and compliance (including RODO/ePrivacy audit), Service Level Agreement, ISO 27001 information security, implementation of CRM, ERP, document workflows and CLM systems, global services.

Selected projects:

Customer service improvement program a multidimensional project to improve processes throughout the organization: leading the improvement and automation of contract and process management as well as driving operational excellence (new procedures and decision matrices, SAP and IT changes, IVR implementation, contract generator, unification and simplification of internal and external documentation).

Intercompany Contracting Framework: Design, development and implementation of organizational contractual approach and IT system by adjusting the rules of concluding intra group agreements between many legal entities around the world in order to provide offshoring services in the area of reducing AML and VAT leakage risk.

Audit and implementation of GDPR at the level of business process and organization in FMCG and technology sectors: Review of identified or identification of new personal data processing activities for compliance with GDPR. Advice on technological, process, documentation and organisational changes, including the development of audit recommendations.

Implementation and management of a productivity and work efficiency improvement system together with mapping of banking processes (AML, KYC, etc.) based on time estimates, system results or stopwatch and chronometry, complete end-to-end process analysis.

Why is it worth using our services?

We help in the processes of digital transformation, personal data protection and privacy (GDPR), as well as in contract management, along with business process modelling BPM. Our experience allows us to fully understand the needs of our clients and their business goals and ensures the implementation of the most appropriate solution.
A personalized approach
Caring for the good of the customer means that we always look for the optimal solution for a given company or project.
We have many years of experience in working for large companies and internal projects implemented for them. We are members of professional associations with international reach, e.g. IACCM or IAPP.
We combine technical and operational knowledge, trade and negotiation skills as well as regulatory and legal knowledge.
High quality of work
We are constantly expanding our knowledge not only to be up to date but also to overtake the know-how available on the market.
Wide cooperation
We focus on commitment, passion, high quality of work, ethics and creativity in finding solutions, availability and cooperation with both the client and our trusted partners.
Honesty, consistency, respect, responsibility, client and client’s needs, continuous improvement - these are the values we follow when implementing projects.

In the rapidly changing legal environment of the business world

we try to be a guide for our clients, providing advice on:
personal data protection and information security (GDPR)
contract and commercial management
process management, strategy, building solutions in terms of procedures, documentation, business processes and implementation of IT technology supporting these areas

The velocity of business is increasing. Change is the only constant. The risks and rewards have never been higher.

In order to succeed in this new world, companies must take a new approach to managing the relationships that drive commerce. Contracts, processes and compliance are the foundation of those relationships and their sustainability.

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your company?