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Creating solutions together with you

The velocity of business is increasing. Change is the only constant. The risks and rewards have never been higher. In order to succeed in this new world, companies must take a new approach to managing the relationships that drive commerce. Contracts, processes and compliance are the foundation of those relationships and their sustainability.

What we do?

We provide advice on: personal data protection (GDPR/ePrivacy) and information security, contract and commercial management and processes related to these areas, strategy, building solutions in terms of procedures, documentation, business processes, internal control and compliance and consulting in the selection and implementation of IT technology supporting those fields.
9.2 %
more annual revenue thanks to proper contract management (according to IACCM)
90 %
hacker attacks are aimed at stealing data (Symantec report 2018)
200 %
achievable annual return on investment on contract management (according to Aberdeen Group)
54 %
of people are less likely to buy products or services from a company they know to have been mishandling data (RSA report 2018)


Digital transformation forces the reorganization of how companies operate, how they design processes and what is their approach to privacy and personal data protection. This forces other changes in companies, such as improving competitiveness and new ways of working with clients and vendors in terms of relationships, building solutions and finally describing it in a contract.
GDPR audit and implementation
We conduct personal data flow and data processing agreements analysis. We prepare documentation related to the processing of personal data and data protection impact assessments (DPIA). We can also provide support in the form of acting as a DPO or personal data protection specialist.
DPO function / DPO support / DPS
By using our services, you can outsource the function of DPO or get the ongoing support related to processing of personal data and related queries.
Visualizations in contracts and documents
We make even the most complicated contract brighter. This increases the efficiency of your organization.
Effective contract management
We provide comprehensive support for the entire contract lifecycle, contract and business relations management (contract & commercial management).
BPM Process modelling and improvements
We help clients oversee and build correct business relationships. Thanks to us, it will be easier to maintain impeccable contact with clients and contractors or interactions between functions in your organization.
Information security, internal control and compliance
We help with IT systems and information security in the field of personal data processing and contract management. We support in processes of an internal control and compliance function.


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What do you gain using our services?

We will help your company find itself in a rapidly changing world in the era of digital transformation

Increased efficiency and productivity of the company

Contract transparency

Improved compliance

Increased competitiveness on the market

Improved business decisions

Reduced revenue leakage


We help in the processes of digital transformation, personal data protection and privacy (GDPR), as well as in contract management, along with business process modelling and consultancy in the selection and implementation of IT technologies supporting aforementioned areas. We support the presentation of a written form in a visual way so that contracts, procedures and documents are more legible for the recipient. We want to advise clients in which direction to go, create solutions together with them and make them grow and adapt better to constant changes. In our activities we use such techniques as: design thinking, legal design, contract visualization, legal process engineering, smartnership. We help clients oversee and build correct business relationships. Thanks to us, it will be easier to maintain impeccable contact with clients and contractors or collaboration between functions in the organization.

This is just a part of our offer. A full description of Eratrust's activities can be found in the Services section.


We focus on commitment, passion, high quality of work, ethics and creativity in finding solutions, availability and cooperation with both the client and our trusted partners.

A personalized approach

Caring for the good of the customer means that we always look for the optimal solution for a given company or project.


We have many years of experience in working for large companies and internal projects implemented for them, e.g. preparation of a large commercial organization in line with GDPR, among others in such areas as sales of goods and services (direct and indirect), marketing (including loyalty programs, promotional packages, Facebook), human resources and recruitment, IT systems, leasing, finances, contract management area (clients and sub-suppliers). We are members of professional associations with international reach, e.g. IACCM or IAPP.


We combine technical and operational knowledge, trade and negotiation skills as well as regulatory and legal knowledge.


We will consider together on how we can help your business

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